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                    Guten Tag!

Welcome to the Wolf Front, the premier landing-place for the true Wolfenstein 3D connoisseurs out there since 1999. Those aficionados who appreciate the old-school atmosphere and depth of Wolfenstein will undoubtedly feel right at home. While you're here you don't have to be embarrassed to admit that you are still an avid fan (and modifier) of Wolfenstein with its original engine, in all its 16-bit glory.

This site is meant to cater to all the game players who jumped on the First Person Shooter bandwagon back when it really started to move with Wolfenstein 3D and can still appreciate the awesome game that Wolfenstein always was and always will be. Back in 1992, Wolfenstein represented the height of gaming technology, starting the first-person shooter genre. The Wolf Front was constituted in recognition of the legacy Wolfenstein created as well as to provide help, tips, and information for other Wolf3D enthusiasts who may have or gain an interest in modifying the game's code and resources.

Whether you are investigating background information on Wolfenstein and its characters/weapons/levels, searching for a surplus of custom missions to play or want some guidelines on code hacking and level development tips - you'll be plenty satisfied with what the Front has to offer. For news updates, please read the periodical "The Observant Wolf", providing you with the latest news from the Wolfenstein 3D online community on new mods due to come out for your Wolfing pleasure. Finally, in the event that you crave still more, use the Links section as a jump station to the rest of the many sites in the Wolfenstein community.

If you have any questions, concerns or Wolfenstein 3D related News, feel free to get in touch. Please, no requests for custom resources or tips for your personal project. While the tools are being provided, the talent must be all yours!

Site Updates

30th November 2019
Work on Kurlandfront 2: Final Salvation has been underway for a few months now. Marking the 20 years anniversary of my first add-on TFS 2.0, this will be a complete revamp of the original. A TFS 4.0, if you will. More news as it unfolds...

4th December 2018
The domain has finally been setup properly.
Sorry for the lack of updates, will be updating soon.

26th November 2018
Kurlandfront v1.1. has been released.
The update fixes known level design bugs such as deaf guards etc. It's available both as a full package or as a simple levels patch. Get it now!

22nd July 2018
After 3 years of development, Kurlandfront is now complete and uploaded for you to enjoy!

5th May 2017
Wolfenstein 3D turns 25 years today! Congratulations to ID Software.

10th March 2003
The Wolfenstein 3D Dome, the previous incarnation of this website, was launched.

16th January 1999
The website that started our journey, Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D Page, was launched.